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OAA Football Scores & Ratings

Thank you for visting this unofficial OAA football site. From the above menu, choose to browse the current season, or a listing of previous seasons' information. For vistors looking for the official OAA site, it may be found above under Misc. and OAA Links.

About The Site

Teams are rated using two different public domain computer rating systems. Additional information on these systems is available on the Links page.

David Wilson Performance Ratings

All games involving OAA teams, including forfeits, are included. A team's rating is the weighted average of its opponent ratings plus 100 for a win or minus 100 for a loss. The average is then scaled to be 500. Wins that lower a rating or losses that raise a rating are weighted 5% of their full value. Post-season games count double, and margin of victory is ignored. Per David Wilson, the system is copyrighted - but it may be used freely for non-commercial use.

David Rothman FACT Ratings

Only non-forfeited games where both teams are from the OAA are included. All such games are treated equally. Teams are mapped to points on a logistic curve based on the margin of victory's standard deviation. Although this system considers margin of victory, each additional point provides diminishing benefit to deter running up the score. This system is in the public domain.


All scores and information provided on an as-is basis. Not all scores get reported timely. Use of this data is for informational and entertainment purposes only, and at your own risk. Gambling based on this data is strongly discouraged. If you use this information, please cite or link to this site.